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International Partners

Pro-Marshall Center, Republic of Moldova

Main field of activity: security studies, enhancing stability and security through dialogue and cooperation, ensuring peace and improving cooperation between natio nal and international institutions.

SC Cube02 SRL

Main field of activity: design and equipment of furniture, lighting systems, functional and decorative assets etc.; representation of the most important German companies in the field of office, metallic and didactic furniture, office lighting systems and acoustic appliances etc.

National Partners

SC Kaptah Consulting SRL, Romania

Main field of activity: trade brokerage of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft.

Lawyer Vasile Cristian

53 Lipscani Str., 53, Rapsodia building, sector 3, Bucharest

SC MD Consult SRL, Romania

Main field of activity: consultancy on first aid in emergencies, organization of courses/training in first aid field.

S.C. Proceduri Consulting S.R.L.

Main field of activity : counseling on labor relations and software application (XProc - Labor Code), which consists of procedures and standard formats for enforcing the Labor code and related legislation.


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