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ADDRESS Association is an independent research, consultancy, education and training structure, promoting efficient, effective and transparent development to society as a whole, endorsing democratic values and the rule of law and supporting institutions and civil society in addressing current global challenges.

ADDRESS is international, multidisciplinary and collaborative in its actions, its mission being part of the global efforts for peace and security, both inside and outside Europe . ADDRESS encourages the informed debates and the common understanding of political, economic, social, military and security issues, promotes the democratic structures and processes, supports the reforms that enhance peace, stability and sustainable development.

We are an NGO with an ambitious mission that combines the innovative thinking, extensive technical knowledge and a professional project management. We pursue our goals by integrating multi-sectoral development of a wide range of disciplines.
We face challenges, turn good ideas into action and action into results!
We identify solutions with passion, analytical rigor and open mind and share our knowledge to create a better world.

Our team of professionals leverages every opportunity to solve a new problem, regardless of its difficulty, aiming to build confidence for customers, partners and anyone with whom we work around the world.

ADDDRESS supports and encourages the collaboration in all fields with individuals or institutions in the country and abroad, as the understanding of the current evolving complex international context and the identification of innovative viable solutions to the troubling mankind problems are crucial for the development of a secure and democratic world , which respects the human rights.

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